Designer Julian "BigTwin" Hoggard

Julian "BigTwin" Hoggard has a unique story into being an artist.  Like most artists, he started drawing and painting when he was a small child. When he became a preteen, he got interested in deconstructing garments out of him and his twin brother closet.  He engaged in bleaching and painting on clothing, exploring the possibilities of ideas.  He then started making clothing and art for his middle school to high school friends, dealing mostly with fabric paint for expression and creation.  From high school, Big Twin studied Sociology at Elizabeth City State University, earning a B.A. in the field.  Started Special Education Major to Art Major to Sociology, he became interested in the human experience. Still engaging in art and making clothing for himself, his friends, and supporters, he became infatuated with symbolism and cultural norms in society.  This experience and his personal life has shaped and molded him into an artist trying to deliver truth in times of turmoil with symbolism and self-expression.  Through this process Big Twin has worked in the area of Non-Profit and the field of Social Work with At Risk Youth and Adults bringing awareness to the human community.  His current design techniques are sewing, woodworking, drawing, painting, graphic design, and printing.

"My Designs Is My Art, My Art is My World, Manipulate The Design, Change The World"