KARTE BLANCHE is a clothing brand that represents Freedom.  KARTE BLANCHE was established by Founder Julian "BigTwin" Hoggard in 2012 as LLP SUPPLY CO., but reinvented and rebranded in 2019 as KARTE BLANCHE.

KARTE BLANCHE PLUS is a platform for other brands and custom items with an online presence and brick and mortar boutique in Norfolk, VA.  KARTE BLANCHE strives to give the customer an experience of retail therapy and learning about culture simultaneously.  Education = Freedom.

KARTE BLANCHE RUNNING MAN:  The running man is a symbol of pursuing your dreams/goals.  This is the symbol of hard-work and getting through your obstacles no matter what faces you.  The running man has a star as a head which represents everyone being a star.  The 7 point star that the running man is holding is a West African Adinkra symbol  name "NSOROMMA" that means guardianship; child of the heavens, a reminder that God is the father and watches over all people.  The 3 stars the running man is above represents Life, Liberty, Pursuit.  We have to remember as a people that we have to TRY to live a righteous Life, BE responsible for our Liberty, and in the process Pursue our dreams/goals.

KARTE BLANCHE LADY LIBERTY: Society blind from true freedom and liberation for all people.